How To Stop Vote Cheating

A scan of your passport may be required with every vote.

That has the added bonus of ruling out most Americans as well ;)

IP based blocking is not that good idea. First of all, most people can easily change their IP, they also may be using multiple computers. Second, many people may share the same IP as IPv4 IP’s are expensive and people are behind various NAT solutions.

Meh, as I said we’re not really THAT bothered and not actually going to put anything in place. Just wondered if there was any suggestions. Seems like a bit of a can of worms.

Iris scan or F.Off yeah?

I’d use the regular registration / email confirmation model (more effective) or cookie model (less effective). Other than that hope that people won’t play with the system, if you don’t put any means on the system, most people will click vote several times.

Will be done through the forum so people will of had to sign up (and I believe with unique email but not sure) but it is a forum where some users are know to have many, many different accounts. This has always been permitted and I’m not an admin myself so couldn’t do anything anyway. Just wondered but a third party’s view approach to the matter would be.

cmon guys, renoise beatbattles are made to have fun! and to have a global point of view on your skills! it s not about beeing released on universal with 10 million euro contract!!
Only dickheads could cheat here! lol that would be absolutely pointless!

Didn’t know Weasel Busters used Renoise :)

Of course i do!! how do you want that i make such an awsome music? :D