How To Stop Vote Cheating

Sorry didn’t really know where else to ask this but know with the BeatBattles here and a few other competitions runs by you guys you may be able to help.

Basically I am involved with a competition on another board (and the lead up to that descended into the worst bikering/banter I’ve seen in ages!) and the board is well known for members having many troll accounts and allows it as part of its nature. Thing this makes it hard to have a fair vote done by poll on the forum.

So what I wondered if any of you have code that could be used to allow voting but only one vote per IP (with maybe the allowance of exception to a certain number if people can prove there are housemates who want to vote and would share IP, but not so important.)

Sure I can find webspace for it. In fact already had a couple of offers and the forum host would probably also be willing. Just have no idea how one would go about coding it. Current plan is to have all tracks uploaded to Virb and then linked to a forum thread with a poll. As explained I can see that being cheated.

the problem is that there are things like unfortunately.

I can see people using proxy websites, such as anonymouse, but not sure quite how much effort they are really likely to put in…

Even that would probably provide enough alternative IPs for a hell of a lot of trolls though…

The problem is the forum happily allows multiple forum accounts (trolls) per real user, so that would just give them more power.

Think we’re more likely go for a vote you favourite (1 - 3) tracks rather than getting everybody to rate every one.

Cheers Bantai. hadn’t even though of looking for that. Obvious that they would exist now that you mention it though

But TOR is still a problem with those sites.


imo, the only thing that would work is to only accept votes with accounts with atleast a couple of hundred posts. trolls usually can’t be bothered with posting all that much from different accounts.

if it’s possible to keep it open so that everyone can inspect who voted for what then i suspect that people do have a good idea of which ones are troll accounts. the chance that some troll have more than 1 troll accounts that have a lot of real posts should be pretty small in my experience.

good luck (=

Hahaha, all I can say is this forum breaks the usual mould. Troll may not be the best word all the time, think multiple personalities, each with thousands of posts.

HTTP is a stateless protocol. Logins and sessions are handled through session variables and cookies. As cookies can be deleted and IP-adresses can be renewed all the time, there doesn’t seem to be a 100% accurate vote.

Here in my home, we have 3 and more PCs behind a router. Every PC has the same IP in the “www”. So IP-based votes are out, too.

I dunno how it is in other countries but at least with my provider I get a new IP-adress every 24hours. And I am paranoid, I delete cookies everytime I reboot. (At least with windows)

now that was sarcastic :rolleyes: ;)

Meh! Not really that bothered to be honest. Let the trolls have free reign. They usually do anyway!

A little php mysql voting script I was working on not too long ago Probably could be refined, but I tested it pretty thoroughly, and it worked fine with over a million entries created in under an hour

edit: …well if the version that survived the hard drive loss was the right version anyway :D :D

also dont worry about trolls, its good. Any publicity is good publicity; the more the merrier. Seriously abusive comments etc could be easily moderated away

Is cheating really an issue here?

I’m on a site that wants your realname when you sign up and if no one knows you + you use a pseudo-name while being mean and nasty or simply a dick. You just get pummeled every time you are around with nonsensical replies to all of your posts. It has a way of really messing with someone’s day. Then everyone bans together like privateeyes on energy drinks and does amazing stuff.

a similar ethic toward reality on the net might work.

A jury a better idea?

Like for film reviews, one goes to rottentomatoes, not imdb (well I do).

Authenticate by PayPal account which is tied to a verified bank account.

“To increase the security of customer’s accounts, a bank account cannot be registered to more than one open account at a time. Adding the bank account to a different PayPal Account requires that it be removed from the first PayPal Account.”

Trolling, gone.

that just means “one vote for every bank account you have”. you could say that is even worse than trolling.

LOL, true.

It would limit cheating somewhat, so that’s a start.

National ID FTW… just kidding folks. You know I hate National ID schemes.

was just thinking… aren’t the “output nodes” of tor known?

Too bad there isn’t international version of Estonian ID card. This is only sure way online to detect if person is who he tells he is and make sure one person votes only once.