How to switch between 'ticks' and BPM in the automation envelopes

It seems like, in the automation envelope editor, Renoise will randomly choose ‘ticks’ versus ‘BPM’ and vice versa. Whilst editing ‘BPM’ on ‘Mixer and Transport’, it is either a value between 0-126 (‘ticks’?), or the actual BPM. It’s not clear how to get it to stay on BPM all the time.

When it is working in values from 0-126, it’s tougher to choose the desired BPM. ymmv

…looks like ZTxx can be used as a quick workaround. it would be interesting to know, what it is though that causes it to switch back and forth between ‘ticks’ and ‘bpm’ in the envelope editor…

Most of the settings go per Line of the pattern.

Ticks go per line, too.

The LFO, for example, is set to function a cycle each [x] lines.

And some exact values need pattern commands, others go better by the envelope.

ZLxx - set Lines Per Beat
ZKxx - Set Ticks Per Line (1-10)
ZTxx - Set Beats Per Minute

effect commands manual