How To Switch Samples On Notes?

I’ve searched high and low both on the net and on these forums for a way to change the sample on existing note data (i.e. highlight an entire set of notes and change them from sample 01 to sample 02). HOW do I do it? I’m sure the answer is obvious, but I haven’t been able to find it anywhere … :unsure:

There is no way to do it without also changing the instrument slot. I need this function too… Maybe it’s implemented into 1.5 -
It’s really a great function to test multiple instruments on one sequence.


advanced edit => instrument transforming => swap

the two instruments to swap must be selected like this:

as you see, the instrument1 (source) has the number (00) selected, while instrument2 (destination) has the number (instrument2) selected.

to select the number, just left-click on it.
same goes for the name.

unfortunately, this option only works for the entire song now.

ReNoise 1.5 will have it working for block/track/song/whatever

But is the instrument number in the pattern editor changed also? If it’s not, then you just gave me a VERY nice tip mister Alien! :)

Very cool, one more reason on a virtually endless list to be looking forward to v1.5 :w00t:

I tried that method, Alien, but obviously as noted, it changes the entire song, and is also a bit confusing. I didn’t want to change the arrangement of the instruments or samples, just change the number of the sample used on the note data without making changes to the sample list. Impulse Tracker did this perfectly … see, even old IT had some features that I miss. In fact, this is the one feature I miss most. It is a lifesaver to have for setting up fugues and accompaniments, or to substitute percussion instruments to determine which one sounds best in realtime while you play a pattern.

I think the advanced edit in FastTracker II was flawless, very simple and powerful. I hope Renoise 1.5 has the same, or a similiar structure of it. so far this is one of the (very few) things that FT2 still is better on :)

Edit: Well, regarding transposing notes.

What flaws in the 1.281 advanced edit system?

For transposing notes i used the shortcut keys which aren’t any different than FTII.

In FT2, you could transpose a pattern/track/block 12 notes up or down at a time… I miss this function.

huh?! what was the shortcut for that? I believe I’ve never found it :huh:

  1. Some of the original answers made here don’t apply anymore in 1.5.
  2. Advancededit in 1.5 has improved swapping or remapping of instruments.
  3. Renoise has had shortcuts for transposing in octaves for a long time.
    But they don’t have any defaults, you have to map them yourself.
    Or use the advancededit controls (which also lets you transpose notes
    belonging to a particular instrument as well).