How To Sync Renoise Between 2 Pc'S?

deleted the utube vid

This is how I synced my desktop and laptop so they can simultaneously play (and stop…lol) over lan.
The set up: -ipMIDI for making both play together.
-Wormhole to make the audio of my laptop come out of my desktop.

But it kinda fucks up… not being in sync at times and all that bs… :(
Anyone with a better solution…hit me!

Also, ipMIDI stops working after 60mins.

ah screw the vid… i’ll make something better when i have the time. :P

here are some images instead, on how to setup ipMIDI. this is logic stuff… in and out.

da masta sends the midi (my desktop) (dont watch the automap midi)

da slave recieves the midi (my laptop)

okay, so to be clear… this is both a tip/trick… but also a shout for anyone out there who has a better setup.

maybe even with decent bpm syncage tricks etc. :wub:

This looks Great! I’m gonna steal my mates laptop and give this a go.
Would syncing the two instances to an outside clock be better? I’v ealways thought it a shame that smaller midi interfaces cant send their own clock…

It’s a bloody shame the guy who made TeleportFX disappeared off the face of the planet right after announcing he had Rewire via LAN working
That is the solution i have wanted for so so long

I have tried a few other ways like yours and others and as yet have not found anything to work as well as just sending the audio via an audio cable unfortunately :(


Wow, and tell me that it was cross platform solution

True - midi cable for midi sync and audio cable for audio is still king of the hill :)

until 2.6 you can use pure data for OSC to MIDI, MIDI to OSC translation.
that completes control and sync usage.
need pure data on all computers.
It’s free and multi platform.

I haven’t did this lately, but I used reaktor like this with OSC (ethernet), with a prodikeys midi controller attached to a PC computer, because I didn’t have a driver for OS X. It was super easy. was running reaktor on both PC and OS X. With pure data this can span all 3 platforms renoise can use, you would just need midi-yoke on the PCs for PD to connect with renoise. For linux and OS X this virtual routing like midi-yoke is already available.
There may already be executables for using max for this, I don’t know.

Audio is always best over physical wires.

Okay. How do I do it? :P