How to Sync Renoise With A Video Editor?

has anyone managed to sync renoise with a video editor so that you could edit both video and work on renoise at the same time?

the reason i want to do this is cos i have a bunch of tracks and a bunch of videos and i was thinking of merging the two media and getting both the audio and video out onto something like youtube instead of having it all just sit on my harddrive until the end of time.

so i was just wondering if this could be done, rather than trying to fit one thing around another.


If you don’t have to edit the videos at the very same time, then the ability to import a video file to Renoise would be totally tits. Right now I use Nuendo when working with music and video, so in case this was implemented in Renoise I could forget about Nuendo once and for all.

So, how about it? I’d say this is a mighty fine suggestion to add here. No idea how doable it would be though…

mos def, and it would be tits of the 44DD variety,…

it can be done with reaper already if you follow vv’s video.

perhaps i should give nuendo a try.

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not exactly a video editor but i have synced renoise with vvvv:

there is a vst plugin you can use over OSC (opensoundcontrol) to automate actions in vvvv:…p;highlight=vst

you can also run vst plugins in vvvv:

i second the ability to track videos in renoise!
i had a dream several months ago i was tracking divx files, using only my mind! <-future of renoise

could make some serious wuxia pien (fantasy style flying kungu)
using the 09XX offset and retrigger.

but i think this would add a few hundreds to the registration price. :P

thanks for that choice. i’ll have a look into it after work today.

I showed Renoise to a composition professor at my University. He asked if it had a scoring to video feature. I said no. He looked at my computer as if it was a children’s toy :(


well you know the saying:

those who can, do,
those who cant, teach.


Man, vvvv looks really cool. I’m interested in this as well, if anyone has come up with a good solution on Mac. So far I haven’t found anything, but I’ll post if I do!

You can Rewire Garageband and Renoise together.

Then, in Garageband, you enable the video track. (Track -> Show Movie Track)

Good times.

If youre on linux theres xjadeo

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i always used xjadeo because it comes with mixbus installation, but never thought to try it out with renoise until this very moment!!! thanks for reminding!
and i wish mixbus had rewire option…

Also there is VidPlayVST which I have tested and is working in Renoise-3. The Linux version is free ( as in no charge ), And I think the win and osx versions are not very expensive . .

Make sure to load the vst as an instrument ( took me a while to realize that it wasn’t seen as an effect )