How to tell what Renoise version a song was made in?

So, over at SDCompo, we are finally initiating the long put-off project of rendering all the entries since round 1 and uploading them to

In discussions, we decided that it would be best to render each song in the same version that it was saved in, just in case newer versions cause any glitches or differences. I want these to be as close to the author’s original intentions as possible.

I’m trying to figure out if there is a good way to figure out what version each song was saved with? Inside the Song.xml file, there is a line , with X being apparently the version number. I opened a file done in 2.8.1 and the version number was 37. Does this mean 2.8.0 = version 36, and so on? And is there a crossmap of all these version numbers somewhere? Or will I just need to look @ all the release numbers since xrns support and figure them out myself?

Also what about RNS files which don’t have the xml data? Is it even possible to tell what version they were composed with?

It might be better to first determine for certain if there are actually differences in the rendering with newer versions of the software before going through all this trouble.

But I applaud your good intentions and effort!

But… if the original mp3 link is broken (which many of them are, especially for the older rounds), how am I supposed to know what the original was supposed to sound like, other than loading it in the version used? We’re talking about 800+ songs here, so IMO it would be much easier to just go straight to the “correct” version.

Oh, I see what you’re saying… I have heard people say that at certain releases, it broke certain parts of their songs. What parts, I can’t quite be sure. With 800+ songs it would be a logistical nightmare/impossible to ask everybody “do your old songs sound OK in new Renoise?”. SDcompo goes back to 2006, so I wouldn’t trust a 2013 version of Renoise to render ALL the songs correctly. Better safe than sorry, this is going on the internet archive – I’m hoping that when I’m 90 years old I will still be able to access the songs and show my great grandchildren “the good old days” :)