How To Tie Sample Editor + Diskoperator To Shortcut Key?

hi, is there any keyshortcut command or method that could be tied to showing this view:

  1. sample editor
  2. diskoperator

so that when i press a key, im in sample editor / sample load window instead of only sample editor or only disk operator?

i’m trying to figure out :panic: how to hook up sample-editor/diskoperator, and instrument-settings/instrument envelopes. this would greatly streamline my use of renoise.

  1. show diskop
  2. show sample editor
  3. right click one of the [1]-[2]-[3]-[4]-[5]-[6]-[7] buttons on the right-upper corner

now, if you press the associated function key, the view will be shown. for example, if you rightclicked the [3] button, you can recall this view by pressing F3

hi! thanks heaps. can this be used to also define the highlighting, i.e. that the cursor say when ipress F3 is in the sample-slot view, so that i can ctrl-c + ctrl-p a new sample?

i tried to put a screen defined as accessed via F11 to take me to the “order list” but the cursor didn’t “go”.

if I got whay you mean, you want to save the focus status (the orange(*) corners around the part of the application which currently has the focus) together with the view, so the answer is yes: just try it for yourself, those view recallers also store the focus settings

(*) in the default theme

there are only 7 storeable views, so the range is F1…F7

yeah. ive set F11 as accessing one of the views. what i meant was that even if i set a specific view to focus cursor to pattern order list, the cursor wouldnt go. i put the cursor in the orderlist and right-click on a storable view, but the cursor doesnt when accessing that view, go to the place i want. i’ll try it again,

ill try both the sample-copying focus and orderlist editor focus again… thanks heaps for your responses over a couple of threads already:)

the focus and the cursor are not necessarily the same thing.

talking about the default Renoise theme, the cursor is a light blue square around the pattern number, while the focus indicator is a little orange frame on the corners of the focused area.

I suppose you are trying to set the focus by clicking on a pattern on the pattern list, while you should use LALT+LeftClick on the list: notice the orange frame moving from pattern editor to pattern list: now the focus is set on the list! Now you can use the arrow keys to navigate through the pattern numbers