How to tighten my breaks?

My breaks sound like robotic/ gated. A bit like space between the slices. Tempo isn’t the option… same firm.

How can I fix this?

Thanks in advance

Maybe post an example so we can hear.

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Pitch down the break so each slice would play back slower and thus fill the space. If it sounds too low/dark then, you can try to time-stretch or pitch-shift the whole sample (i.e. with the Rubberband tool) before slicing, so you get the timing you desire.

Or you can place a ping pong loop into each slice, and then use a volume envelope fading out in about 1 1/2 of the legth…the second half of the hit will now become like a mirrored tail. At the same time you can tune the envelope to make you sounds snappier. This is an old school tracker way solution and won’t always work or sound perfectly, “YMMV”.

Third solution, instead of looping the sample to play the tail backwards, just put an envelope on each hit that is short enough so it will fade it out right before it will reach the end where it is cut off by the slice border. This would make the break more snappy, and you can try layering (longer) hihats and rides and crashes etc. over it to conceal the more snappy, gated nature of the break.,


Sometimes I just double-up on the LPB, let the samples loop (if applicable) or increase the track tempo (even if you don’t like the option). Also, changing the beatsync (to either half or double the current value) works wonders for me, and sometimes I just go in and do each break manually for the ones that need it. Don’t forget about note actions, too. Playing with these options will really get you mostly anything you want IMO

Thanks you all for your help.

I am a novice in Renoise so at the moment I don’t understand everything.
I will try your advices soon as possible.
Do you have any YouTube recommendations for this topic?

@GroovinG has lots of good breaks related tuts on YT