How to to post my old renoise xrns files as Creative Commons

I have about 100 tracks I made which are incomplete. I want to post the source so anyone can remix or learn from them.

Any tips or things I should think of?

I’m thinking a zip file in dropbox, with a readme, and a note in each song?

use upload file;

I don’t think our forum downloads area is really the most practical or suitable place for a fairly huge collection of unfinished music.

As I’ve said in the past, we’re not really offering this as a personal backup service where you can dump your life’s work, it’s mainly intended to show off some selected items of interest.

Instead, I think a place like may be better suited to the task, but I’m not sure of their exact submission policy when it comes to unfinished or technically “unpublished” material.

They have a Community Audio section which seems pretty laid back, and I know that user “EatMe” from this forum has submitted his music there in the past.

If you take care to prepare and bundle all the files into some kind of basic package with a bit of info about yourself, I’m sure it would be fine to submit it there.

I second the idea of using

Also, if you can, add the CC license to the comments of the song, plus assorted other credits about yourself, etc.

I’ve a bunch of songs on, live recordings of my band Chinese Forehead at CBGB and TR3 from late '70s.

For example: