How to transfer plugin-tree from one installation to another?

I have renoise 3 installed on my local machine and on the notebook. How do I completely transfer my whole custom plugin tree to the notebook? I tried to copy the renoise 3.00 prefs dir, without any effect.


Depending on the kind of plugins you have, the more complex plugins do more than just installing a DLL in the plugins folder and have some settings stored in Renoise its plugin database.
Stuff that you cannot copy easily:
Registry keys
files in the common folders
files in the program folders
iLok dongle drivers need to be installed from scratch.

Stuff that you cannot copy at all:
Challenge/response based registration info (hardware fingerprint bound)

My advise:reinstall plugins and hopefully for the registered plugin you have an iLok license, which would simplify plugin in your iLok dongle, but as said above:iLok also requires a driver installation.

Assuming the plugins installed are nearly the same (and already installed), I just would like to copy the tree structure of Renoise.

Then copying the complete preferences folder should be enough.
If that doesn’t work, the not working plugin most likely needs to do something that requires Renoise to be explicitely started with admin rights (in case your plugins also didn’t do their initial setup when being loaded for the first time on your system).
This will resolve it as a one time solution for many plugins, some plugins require Renoise to always start with admin rights.

Hm, I copied the prefs folder, without luck. In which file is the tree stored?

in the CachedVSTs_x##.db files (x86 for 32 bit plugins, x64 for 64-bit plugins). On OSX you probably also have to carry over the CachedAUs_x##.db files.
Ofcourse the preferences.xml contains the VST and AU target paths.

I’m not sure how you copied them (i’m not sure if the Renoise preferences folder is locked or allows overwriting regarding OSX), at least take care that Renoise is closed while copying the folder, else Renoise definitely will save every configuration related file it contents that it currently has in memory crosswriting the copied files when you close it.
Also take care that the plugins that are installed are in the same named folder-locations as the old environment.

Do the IDs of the plugins maybe change even it’s the same plugin, same name and vendor?

I’m not sure about that.
The only thing i do know is that some plugins only work when they have been installed from scratch and afterwards Renoise was set to scan for new plugins.
If you do the scan for new plugins and inspect the database afterwards and see multiple records for the same plugin having different ID’s, that would then answer this question.