How To Trigger Vst Effects

Hi all , I m new here at the forum and just wanted to say that renoise rocks …but I do have few problems with triggering vst effects …
I know that you can use multitembral vsti’s by using the vst alias …but is it possible to trigger vst effects?
For example : I have a drumtrack with an Native instruments FM7 as an insert effect …( verry cool to frequency modulate your beats :)…but the problem is that the fm7 effect needs a note trigger …In this case the use of vst alias doesn’t work (cause these can anly be assigned to instruments in the instrumznt rack );and the midi cc device doesn’t send any note/off commands to the desired plugin …
In the more conventional sequencers you just had to assign a midi track to the desired plugin (be it an effect or an instrument )…

So simple …is it possible to trigger vsti effects …?

thanks in advance

Sending notes to FX isn’t supported currently.

serious ? that’s too bad …that also means that you can’t use a software vocoder …vocoder needs midi note input …always loved to ad some FM spice to my beats …hope it will be supported in a future release …anyway the program still kick ass

Any chance of this feature being added in a near-future release?

there are other vocoder plugins that work fine with renoise… like mda vocoder

This tutorial will help create a vocoder in Renoise:…&hl=vocoder

cool tutorial, thanks!
but specifically I meant, will triggering notes in VSTs be added anytime soon.
like the original poster I was thinking of FM7, and there’s also a new effect called muxer Instant Sampler, sort of like a realtime Render Selection to Sample, that I wanted to try.

damn…i was really thinking a super tracker like renoise would perform this “simple” task …i think it is essential to have this… so many FX plugins make use of midi notes.

to be fair, VST-Effects responding to Notes is a pretty new concept and will require some seriously new approach to the way renoise works. It will come around eventually, though.

until then, energyXT.

it would give alot of possibilities if renoise had this feature,i surely hope that it will be implemented,when the time is right

I’ve been asking for this since I discovered Renoise (Summer 2005 I think) and it still hasn’t happened, not sure if it’s because of lack of request, hard to implement or if there’s no good idea on how to implement it in the Renoise-environment. Personally, I’d like to select the vst-effect in the vst-instrument-list and send notes to them that way.

Edit: Found my old post:

there is certainly an interest in getting this implemented in renoise(what do you say DEV)would it be possible

Maybe for 2.0? One could hope. :)

I’m also interested in this. Recently got Ohmicide and it’s supporting this feature too.

I just did a Google search for “FM7 effect Renoise” and this thread was the first hit, so I’m throwing down another post to to let the devs know this is still very much desired.

i would definitely use this feature- simplest way i can imagine it is like junior said- it could pop-up in the vst instrument list as an alias, only when the vst is already inserted in a track (a bit like a vsti multi)