Sending Midi-notes To Vst-effects?

Hi there! I’ve just gotten into Renoise and quite like it. :)

Anyway, there’s one thing I don’t understand. Is it possible to send MIDI-messages (midi-notes) to VST-effects in Renoise? Some vst-effects, like Microgater, are triggered by note-messages. In Cubase these VST-effects (with MIDI-support) are available as a MIDI-output-destination after they’re loaded. Is there a way to access these effects in the same way in Renoise?

no, as of ReNoise 1.5, this is not yet possible

Okay, thanks for clearing that up. B)

I’ve got a related question (about that sidechain effect that I often fake using a midigate) concering the send-channels. I’ve noticed that it’s possible to change the “track volume” on send-channels - however “channel volume”-effects doesn’t work. So my question is if there’s any way to slide the track-volume on the send channels, in the same way as the 06 and 07-volume slide commands works on normal tracks? And if not, maybe it’s an suggestion to a future update, to make the send-channels react on channel volume-commands as well?

I mean, isn’t there any decent way to fake that sidechain-effect properly in renoise? :D (yes, I know about the compressor-trick with one quiet and one loud source mixed together, but I’d like to be able to trig the “pumping”-effect via the tracker)

I’d be thankful for any tip. :)

Old topic, but doesn’t anyone else miss the ability to communicate with your VST-effects via MIDI?

If you need to do this now you could use energyXT as a VSTi in renoise. Load your VST instruments and fx into that and you will be able to use midi messages from the master in (in this case renoise) to control them.

eXT is commercial though and about $50. You need to register if you want to reload saved projects. There is a demo you can try to test if you like it.

Hi Ledger, I finally took your advice and tried resolving it using EnergyXT. It seems though that I need to use the vst-version to process the sound, and trigger the VST-effect inside EnergyXT’s using its internal sequencer. Was this what you originally meant?

I first thought different instances of EnergyXT could be combinated, so that I could create one VSTi of EnergXT and then create another VST of EnergyXT inside an effect-chain. After that I thought I would be able to reach the one and same vst-plugin (MicroGater) from both EnergyXT-instances and be able to trigger the MicroGater from Renoise. Now maybe it’s wishful thinking, but is this possible? Or is the internal sequencer the only way?

How I miss the ability to send midi-stuff to vst-effects in Renoise! :huh:

Hi junior,

excuse the late reply but I missed this post at the time,

I`m afraid different instances of XT can not be combined as it is. Can you not load all you need into the VSTi version of XT and use it as a chainer for all your plugs though?

If you need to send MIDI data from one version of XT to another you can however use the thalamus VST in combination with midi yoke drivers. I have got this to work before to send multiple MIDI data from separate renoise tracks into one instance of XT before. There is a post on this here:…20c6e099b5e9df7

I will install Microgater to try to get a better understanding of what you are needing to do and will get back to you more specifically if I can.

Hi junior,

I managed to get the microgater working with the midi patcher in XT VSTi:

Connected up as follows-

You need the MIDI patcher to translate a note that is out of the range of here Polyiblit

e.g. C-0 up 60 semitones = a renoise C5. This will trigger Microgater when sequenced in renoise as C-0.

The second out of the MIDI patcher, I have just used as a MIDI through but the master in, could have been routed directly to Polyiblit if you wanted.

Hope this helps.

Ah, ledger - thanks for taking the time. :) I can imagine that this works well in this example but the problem is that I often use in on a larger collection of instruments - in Cubase I often used it on the morepart of the instruments in the arrangement - on a group channel - to make them duck when the bd is kicking.

I guess the missing fact is that we can either have midi-input on vsti’s or audio-input on vst’s, but not both of them on a vst, which is what is needed to do tricks like these. :(

No problem, it was interesting to find this out for myself also :)

What you want could be done (method in the link I put up before) but would be very convoluted still. Possibly not greatly stable due to relying on extra drivers + VSTs though.

Also I suppose you could have a second stage of mixing after rendering some tracks (like the bass drum and playing that in an XT audio track, similar to what you suggested before but alternative to sequencing in XT.

The last thing that comes to mind here is other VSTs that can share audio between instances. A free one that can do this is senderella:

Unfortunately this has problems in renoise but you could possibly try mailing the dev on this one.

Think there may be payware that does this also but cannot think of it at the second. If you do a search at KvR you may be able to come up with something.