How to upsample?

How do I upsample a sample (resample C-4 -> C-5) so that sample plays 2x faster?

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Transpose the sample up to 12 semitones.
click on Sampler > select your sample > transpose your sample (Sample Properties)

I want to resample it (like on Amiga) to change samplerate (44100 -> 22050)

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Right-Click on the sample’s waveform, select “Adjust Sample Format.” (Default Keybinding “F10”)

Yes that changes samplerate but not root note. I want to old school upsample/downsample like on Protracker or Octamed

I am not sure I am fully understanding what behavior you are looking to get, but this may be it if I am following you correctly:


does this help at all? I think it may be what you are looking for. You can change the assigned Base Note of the selected sample here in the Keyzones Tab of the Sample Editor.

put the sample at c-5 in the pattern editor, select an amount of pattern editor lines you like starting with the note-event and right mouse click menu select ‘render to sample’ (ctrl+shift+r), that or you need to formulate the question better :wink: .

I want to old school upsample/downsample like on Protracker or Octamed

As far as I know there’s no way in Renoise to upsample the same way like in Protracker, but what Djeroek said is as close as it can get. Basically it’s exactly what you want. And what Jesse Schilling wrote is another way, the final result is similar to what I wrote. Anyway, you can get your desired result by choosing one of the ways mentioned.

Xrns2Xmod does it automatically but I wanted to do it manually and I couldn’t find resample option in the sampler.
Djeroek solution is close but every time sample is rendered to default 44100.

what behavior you are looking to get

The one I got used to 25 years ago.

Can’t you then adjust the sample rate after the render(?)

(And (using the ‘render to sample’ method) how to conveniently adjust any loop point positions from the original sample(s)(?))

Can’t you then adjust the sample rate after the render(?)

You mean RESAMPLE again?
Yes I can but what if I want to resample C-4 --> D#4 or samplerate of source sample is 32kHz?

To summarise: Renoise Sampler can’t resample the way hardware samplers do

How easy is it in Audacity? Or say stock Bitwig sampler? Similar issue(s)?

Edit: So just for my reference checked in Audacity (as I don’t use Audacity, I installed it for the sake of a little experiment.) Sure enough it has a ‘Change Speed’ effect. That seems useful (but IDK if it handles/preserves loop points(?))

So as I understand you want a ‘Change (sample) Speed’ option in the Renoise sampler (and IMO it should also move any S/E loop points accordingly.)

(Personally at the moment I’m still not fully convinced from this thread as to why though. But that’s just me.)

I’m sure theres a process in the cdp tool which can do this, perhaps also the batch conversion tool (other tools?). I think my previous suggestion resampling whatever note event in the pattern editor in combination with adjusting the sample properties can achieve similar results natively? Not one button though, but is that a problem? :slight_smile: I’m protracking old projects this afternoon so will check what I’m missing.

First of all I’m not complaining. There is no resample function in Renoise’s sampler. Topic closed.

Basically I’m trying to create Amiga mods in Renoise. I’ve been using Audacity (and Goldwave for batch processing) to convert samples to Amiga format but I thought I could shortcut it in Renoise. I found Xrns2Xmod tool but I wanted more control, I was looking for upsample/downsample/resample button in Sampler but seems like modern trackers lost this ability.
Thanks for all answers. I hope those who ever processed samples on Amiga 500 or AKAI S2000 understand what I am talking about.

I create loop points on destination device (Amiga/AKAI/E-MU).

Maybe you can let us hear an example? Same sound(s) coming from Renoise and coming from the Amiga? I’d be interested in comparing the two. And learn a bit more about what you’re talking about.

Maybe you can let us hear an example?

Over internet? If I capture sound from Amiga to my PC it’s already remixed to 24bit 44100.
E-MU samplers have warmer sound than AKAI but you can’t hear it in (compressed) youtube videos.

Anyway it’s not about the sound but the workflow.
You could try Protracker clone and play with resample button

Could you just elaborate a bit more (just out of curiosity) on why you need ‘more control’ when exporting from Renoise through xrns2xmod?

I simply wanted resample, experiment inside Renoise’s Sampler.
xrns2xmod is export tool that is meant to be used at the end when the whole song is finished.