How To Use Amplitube2 With Renoise?

Hi. I am trying to use Amplitube2 with Renoise. I can start Amplitube2 on its own… Or I can start Renoise on its own, but I cannot get Renoise to start Amplitube as a VST plugin.

There are two VST plugin folders in Renoise. I have set one of these to my E:\Amplitube2 folder but Amplitube never shows up in my list of VST plugins.

Can somebody please help me? I am new to using VST plugins and the likes.

Thank you

you must set the plugins folder to… your plugin folder, not to the VST application folder; probably Amplitube is the only VST you have ever used, otherwise you should already know how VST works.

anyway, if you don’t know where your plugins folder is, perform a search on your PC for AmpliTube2.dll; this file should have been saved into the plugins folder upon Amplitube installation, so you should set the folder into Renoise accordingly.

Installation programs of VST plugins should always save their DLL files (such as Amplitube2.dll) in the VST plugins folder, so you don’t need to specify a different path for each VST plugin you use, which would limit the number of usable plugins to two.

Hi ItAlien. I hear what you’re saying. Have you ever used Amplitube2 before? There is no Amplitube2.dll. There is only an Amplitube2.exe file.

What exactly determines where this VST plugin folder is that you are talking about? Ages ago I created an E:\Renoise VST Plugins folder and I put all my freebie plugins into that folder. Renoise recognises all the plugins within that folder. I even tried copying the Amplitube folder contents into that folder and its made no difference whatsoever.

A little bit more information here too: I am wanting to record my guitar input which is first processed by Amplitube. I want Renoise to record the Amplitube output. Amplitube is not a VST instrument as such - it is a VST plugin that processes audio input.

Perhaps there is no way of doing this with Renoise? The Amplitube manual says that Sonar and Cubase can do what I require… I hope Renoise can too?

Has anyone else managed to do what I’m trying to do?


Oops… I tell a lie… My search has just found an E:\Sound Plugins folder that contains Amplitube2.dll… I wonder if I can get it to work…

actually there is ampilube.dll If you have only exe then perhaps you havent installed it yet? But i know for sure that there has to be amplitube.dll that goes to vst plugins directory along with amplitube settings folder that contains all the presets etc

Another thing, vst effetcts are not under vst instruments in renoise. Vst effect plugins are under “trackDSPs” (on the left bottom of the screen) scroll down through renoise native DSPs and then you will see VST section. Thats where amplitube and all other vst effect plugins are supposed to be.

Wow… it works… sort of… Hehehe. Now I have the delights of figuring out how to get monitor sound output of my audio card - it will record sound within the Renoise Sample Editor but I can’t hear anything when I actually play my guitar.

Thanks Weird Energy. I found the Amplitube plugin under Track DSPs… Just have to figure out how to get it to work. Sorry this is the first time I’ve used a non-instrument VST so its all weird…

I have used Amplitube2 Duo (a freeware light version which comes in bundle with another plugin), it works pretty well.

using VST effects is not different from using a standard Renoise DSP, I’m sure you will get it to work.

hint: try Line-In Device to monitor your guitar sound.

also take a look here

HAHAHAHA. Helps when all the volume knobs are turned up doesn’t it!! Thanks guys.

Hmmmm. I still don’t get it… One minute the level meters at the top of the Renoise screen are working and I can hear my guitar through Amplitube… I restart my PC and I hear nothing again. And this time the knobs ARE turned up. Is there something within Renoise to enable monitoring of the recording signal when in pattern edit mode?

Thanks - maybe a good night’s sleep will help.