How To Use An Effect For One Pattern And Not The Next

hi there, i’m sure this is the most n00b question ever asked… i checked the online help for this already and did a search…

i jsut made me first track in renoise, i love it (renoise, that is)

however, while i was making the track i was adding effects… figuring the effect would only affect the pattern i was working on… then when i went back to the first pattern, i realised the effects run the whole song and that my subtle changes were lost…

my question is, if i can rephrase it into an easy question:
lets say i want pattern 1 track 1 clean, no effects,
pattern 2 track 1 with reverb,
pattern 3 track 1 with even more reverb?

ie) how do you save the effect settings to the pattern? or conversely how do i add reverb halfway through a song and not have it added to the first half of the song as well?

anwyays thanks for your help, i hope my multiple ways of phrasing the question made it easier to understand and not harder…

thank you smart people!! I am an .IT guy so effects are pretty new to me…

Try this:

With Renoise’s native FX, mpReverb for example, if you drag the sliders with the right mouse button, you’ll see a little green light appear next to the slider’s value. You’ll also notice a pattern command has been written into the pattern for you.

Basically this means: Control your effect parameters with pattern commands.

You can also control parameters of VST fx in the same way* by ‘popping out’ their parameters into the Renoise GUI by clicking the little down arrow next to their on/off switch.

You can also do it with the automation tab, have a look in the manual.

  • = Note: only the first 16 parameters of a VSTfx can be controlled in this way due to the nature of the four digit hex pattern commands. ALL parameters can be controlled with Automation. With VST instruments, parameters can be controlled with Pattern commands using the VSTi Automate Device. (It is argued that there should also be a VSTfx automation device to solve the problem mentioned above) But anyway… I’m babbling now…

Erm. hope that helps!

thanks you guys i am picking through my track doing that… what i’m wondering still though, is if i have 20 patterns with everything clean, then on the 21st pattern i want to add reverb to a channel, how do i avoid it backdating the reverb all the way to the 1st 20 patterns?

thanks for the quick repies… you guys are amazing.

I’d do it like this:

Put mpReverb on a send channel (S00), with dry set to 0%, wet to 100%.

Put a send device on the track you want to add reverb to.
Setup the send device to send the audio to S00 or whatever it was with ‘keep source’ selected. You should now hear the track being reverb’d.

On the first pattern, control the slider (with a pattern command) of the send device to set it at 0%. This will stop the track being sent to the reverb FX.

Then on the 21st pattern, make a pattern command to change the send devices output to 100% (or however much reverb you want).

When you play through the song and get to pattern 21, the reverb should kick in.

You’ll get the hang of it.

The advantage of using send tracks like this is that you can send any other track to your ‘reverb chamber’.
For example, on your drums, add a send device as explained above, then using pattern commands, make the send device go from 0% to 100% and back to 0% very quickly, in time with a snare hit or whatever to get that single snare reverb’d.

Or you could just clone the track on pattern 21 and put a reverb on the clone.

Then delete the original track DATA on pattern 21.

Like this…

  1. 1000
  2. 1000
  3. 1000
  4. 1000
  5. 1000
  6. 1000
  7. 0100
  8. 1000
  9. 1000

Pattern 7. being the example here

thank you guys i appreciate it… it’s such a strange feeling to have a vibrant tracking scene! it seems like i was always 5 years too late on it but this seems like a real revival. or maybe it never left and i just was using outdated software…