How To Use Korg 01W As A Midi Controller With Renoise?

I want to use my Korg 01W as a midi controller with Renoise. I’ve just bought a midi-usb cable converter, and connected the device to the computer. Renoise has it in Preferences listed as “USB2.0-MIDI”.
Now what? how do I use the keyboard to play sample sounds?
I tried, but it doesn’t play anything, and my PC keyboard is still the one that plays the instruments’ sounds…
What steps should I take please? Are there any drivers that I should install for Korg?
Should I set Korg 01w workstation itself to a specific setting?
(I have midi out jack connected to in, and in jack connected to out, isn’t that right?)

in the renoise gui there is a led indicator for midi activity, does that light up when you play the keys? did you try in another daw soft?

It’s been years since I used O series but I don’t remember anything funny about getting it to send note data. You may want to make a combi that has no sound for convenience but that’s as easy as turning the volume down or not plugging in sound. Make sure your midi input is selected in Renoise preferences, by default your piano keys should play the same things your qwerty keys do.

Finally, you’ve plugged Korg’s out to your PC’s in, right? I think that’s what you said…