How to use multiple effects chains per instrument?

I see that it’s possible to have multiple effect chains in a Renoise instrument, but I don’t understand how or why you would use that.
I was trying to create one chain with a long ambient reverb that routes to a different track, and then another chain with more conventional effects on it for a main instrument sound. It seems like only one chain would work at a time.
How do you use this?

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In the native instrument, each effect chain can be assigned to a sample or more samples. In this way, you can have groups of samples with different effect chains on the same instrument.

At the same time, each chain of effects of the instrument can only be routed to an individual track, for example Track 01.

Then, Track 01 can also have its own track effects chain. Therefore, the sample will chain 2 effects chains, the instrument’s own one and the one corresponding to the track.

A very practical example of this is a drum kit. Imagine you have a battery in the same instrument. They are samples of different frequencies. You can color each sample with different effect chains, centralized from the same instrument.

The trick is you can use sends, to send internally… You can kind of do anything that is doable with modular routing…

I use it for example in drumkits one fx track for each type of “bang”. So each can be processed and eqed etc. individually…then mixed back together again.

Sometimes I split the signal into ambience/reverb and dry signal, so I can process the ambiance and apply modulation on it.

You could also make a drumkit and send the different types on into different tracks in the mixer…

I have a knack for doing processing with multiple fx tracks. Like split the signal, layer different samples that are each processed individually, then mix together and frequency split with multiband send… and combine modulations on different fx tracks via the macros…