How to use pitchbend wheel on included MS20SQU instrument?

I bought a new midi keyboard with a pitch and mod wheel, because I want to play live and do pitch bends.

I loaded the MS20SQU instrument that is included with renoise, but the pitchbend wheel did not work with that instrument at all.

I then tried it with a VSTi, it worked.

The question I am asking is why does the pitch bend not work on MS20SQU instrument.

Is it because pitchbend wheel will not work on any sample based instrument, or will it not work only on instruments where each key is assigned a separate sample, that is, it would work on instruments in which a sample is spread over several keys…

renoise 3.1 can map pitch bend (and mod wheel) like macros, look at the left side of the keyboard in the instrument editor - the instrument pitch modulation is where you want to bend pitch, but you can make it control anything like with the other macros. In 3.0 I had to use wizzardry to make it happen.

Awesome, thanks. I’m still on 3.0…I will buy 3.1

3.1 has the dope new filters… :wink: …keep the 3.0 presets, in 3.1 there are very different ones.

In 3.0 you can also use pitch bend. Before 3.1 was out I already had a solution - mediocre wizzardry ftw. I can help you, on sunday. It needs the duplex keyboard tool to translate pitch bend to cc (or a keyboard with pitch bend mappable to a cc). You will be bound to 7 bit then, well it was ok for me. Then you need a formula device to make bend value 64 be exactly 0.5, and the rest is via macros. Also an inertia formula device in between might be cool, when you keyboard is too lazy with sending updates. This also applies to 3.1…

Don’t be too disappointed that in 3.1 working with bends in sequencer is not optimal. You know renoise, well, it is not purrfect in many regards. It is a grief for me, recording just won’t work. You need to manually make graphs I think. I got used to it. But you want to play live, so it might be ok for you.

sweet. i’ll look forward to those new filters.

dont worry about the wizardry workaround, I think its time I showed renoise team some cash for all their hard work anyway (paid only once for 2.8).

what do you mean ‘keep the 3.0 presets’?