How to use Renoise as my guitar effects when playing live?

That’s probably a stupid question but what I would love to do, is to be able to apply the native renoise effects ( and/or any vst effects I installed) on the sound input of my sound card. That way I would be able to record my guitar with the effects, or play live with the effects.

Insert a ‘Line Input’ device on a track, choose the right input of your soundcard and add your fx after the input device.

Thank you for the fast reply swindus!

It works perfectly. But now I have a little delay between the moment I play a string and the moment the sound comes out of my speakers. something around 150ms.
Where does that delay comes from and what could I do reduce it?

This depends on your driver type and soundcard.
Do you use ASIO? What latency setting do you use?
For live playing a buffer of 256 or less should work.

I have a Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 using ASIO driver with 192 samples buffer size.

150ms delay is pretty anoying if you play fast riffs.

Maybe the effect plugins you are using causes the big latency?

I’ll check that out. If the latency is not because of renoise itself I guess it’s a bit offtopic :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot for help.

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