How to use renoise

Hi, I’m new to Renoise and DAWs in general.The only thing I used before was Sunvox which has a somewhat similar concept.

But for the last couple of days I tried stuff out, watched videos and read the wiki. But there are still some things I don’t quite understand or couldn’t find out.

  1. How to select a pattern with the mouse? At the moment I click into the pattern list and use the cursor keys to switch patterns. Because I can’t figure out how to switch to a pattern without starting the playback.

Is there a better way to switch focus with the keyboard? Because I find it hard to switch from the track list to the pattern list with ctrl+shift+tab, as it only works with left ctrl and shift (and right ctrl and shift do start playing the song).

  1. How can I start the track from the cursor position?
  2. Is there a way to loop the current pattern only?
  3. Is it possible to edit a note in a track without the cursor jumping to the next position?

Ok, that’s all for now. Thanks for reading. And sorry for my bad english…

-switch focus with key board : ctrl+ tab
-edit note without cursor jumping : set step length ( second number box below pattern
shortcut :, ctrl + nr ( top row NOT numpad )
-play pattern from cursor : shift +space bar


Use the scroll bar on the right of the numerical Pattern List.

Have a look at the (menu Edit…) Preferences… Keys
where you can search for “Play” to find all keyboard shortcuts related to Play.
Shift+Space is the default setting for Play From Cursor.

There is a Loop Pattern button next to the Play button. There also is a shortcut key (Right Alt).
There is a Loop Pattern(s) fill-in-block-line right of the numerical Pattern List. You can fill in the block to loop with the left mouse button.

There is a Jump-Line (set to 2 here) below the pattern editor:
keyboard shortcuts: CTRL+number above the keys = skip step

  • CTRL+0 = skip 0 steps
  • CTRL+1 = skip 1 step
  • CTRL+2 = skip 2 steps

Welcome to Renoise!