How to use right-shift in keyboard shortcuts?

As a left-handed mouse user, my cut/copy/paste shortcuts on Windows are SHIFT+DEL, CTRL+INS, and SHIFT+INS.

Right-CTRL+INS works fine for copy, but I cannot get Renoise to recognize right-shift for a keyboard shortcut. How is it possible?

Preferences > Keys > Global Keyboard Options

You can toggle the behaviour of the right-side modifier keys.

I tried both. Assignable keys or modifiers only: both don’t let me use right-shift in keyboard shortcuts. Neither in assigning nor using.

When set to “Modifiers Only” the left and right set of modifier keys will behave in the same way.

For example, it doesn’t matter if you use LCtrl+C vs RCtrl+C for copy, or LShift+F3 vs RShift+F3 for cut track, etc.

When set to “Assignable Keys” then it’s possible to assign the right modifier keys directly to keyboard shortcuts.

For example, you can map RShift by itself to some function, or RCtrl by itself to some function, but not combinations of LShift+??? or RCtrl+???

So there are still some limitations to keep in mind. Sorry if that was not clear.

This is how I understood it, but it’s not working this way. See a vid of me reproing this:

Windows 8.1, Renoise 3.1.0 x64

Yeah, that’s odd. Seems to work fine for me here on Win 10.

Maybe a regional thing?

Maybe something specific to your keyboard hardware?

Difficult to say really.

Could I just point out from the manual:

  • Use right-side modifiers as: Changes whether the right-side Control/Shift/Alt keys are to be used as modifiers (in combination with other keys, e.g. Ctrl + Z) or can be assigned functions on their own.

I interpret it as: When set to ‘Assignable keys’ I can do RShift or RControl or RAlt and I can also maybe do RShift + Shift or Control + RAlt.

When I set it to ‘modifiers only’ I kinda interpret the manual as though I could assign say RShift + 1 combination different to LShift + 1 combination. However looks as though Renoise isn’t wired that way. It joins the right side and left side shift/alt/ctrl keys as the same thing in ‘modifiers only’ mode.

I don’t know if this is clear in the manual. I admit that I naturally thought (possibly like the OP) that you could assign separately the left and right shift/alt/ctrl keys combinations to functions.