How to use/set up Manipulator in Renoise 3.2?

Hello there good people.
I was wondering if anyone could give me an educated guess, wether this plugin could be setup to work within Renoise?

The manual states several other hosts, to-do on how to bind a midi channel to the audio input.
For renoise I guess that is either Line IN, or a sample being played back on the channel with this plugin on.

However, I am not sure I understand how to route the midi channel into the Manipulator to get the polyfonicøs going, playing choords and hear it transplant to the vocal channel.

Does anyone have any knowledge wether this is possible in renoise or not?

Thanks in advance!

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Yep, it is possible. Take a look at Plugin Effect Aliases.

I’ll flag your post for solution instantly, however, I can first get to testing in the morning.
I hope its going to be an awesome morning :smiley:

Accidentally sat down and solved it now.

I can simply route the manipulator sitting on channel 1, feeding in “whatever” and source that to channel 2.
VST FX Alias group, needs to be uncollapsed, its hidden in there.

Just a FYI if anyone else struggles with this and hit this thread in the future.

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