How To Use Sf2 In Renoise


How can I use SF2 files in renoise. I know it is not supported natively and I need som player. I have dowloded SZF player, but I do knot know what to do with it. How can I integrate it with Renoise. Is it plugin? What exactly should I do to be able to use SF2 instruments in Renoise?


I use the ‘synthfont’ vst plugin.
I’m also new to renoise so what I do may not be the best solution.

If you don’t know how to install vst plugins you can watch this tutorial:

RGC:audio’s sfz plugin is a lot easier to use soundfonts (and also is a good quality soundfont player)

No its a vst instrument.

Select the sfz in the vstinsturment dropdown menu.

Open it.

Load an sounfont into it.

You can now play/record with it.

Can recommend this too, just used it in my latest track. Reliable and easy to use.

I never heard or tried working with soundfonts, from what I can read its a old format developed in the early 90. How do soundfonts compare to vsti’s and samples cds in size vs resolution?


SF2 was the afaik first multisample-instrument format that got recognized and used widely, the benefit of this is that you can find billions of tons of freeware soundfonts covering about any possible instrument/source-of-sound on the world wide web.

if you just want to use an existing SF2 instrument without any modification you should go for the sfz-plugin from RGC, it’s definately the best for that. However, some SF2s are done really sloppy (silence at the beginning of samples, clicking loops) and the downside of SFZ is that you can’t even edit the ADSR-Envelope of an SF2, so if you want to edit or modify the SF2 then at this moment Shortcircuit might be the best way ( ), but it is a really huge, full-flexed sampler which might require some work-into time.