How To Use The "harmony Improvisator" Vst ?


Recently i found a very interesting instrument, the harmony improvisator. ( )
After watching to this impressive youtube vídeo…al/en/impro.htm i decided to try the demo version.

The documentation says that the instrument does NOT generate sound, only notes. And should be connected to a midi track with other synth or sampler. (That should be true, because i don´t get any sound out of it)

I don´t know how this can be done in renoise.

Any good soul reading out there ?


  • Klez

You need another host like EnergyXT to get this functionality the way you need it.
If the plugin needs to send notes through MIDI, you need something like MIDIYoke to transfer the notedata back to Renoise.

You might want to try Cognitone’s Harmony Navigator instead which runs natively on its own and is easier to connect to Renoise using MIDI yoke.

Thank you for answering, but it seems too complicated for me.

I´ll search for another instrument for learning chords.

Cheers :wink:

Take a MIDI keyboard and then pick three or four fingers and make any combination using the black keys as your base, i’ll promise, you’ll make nice chords in no time.
When you got a schema you like, you can always look up on the internet what you exactly are playing.

Woah, very interesting, both programs. Thanks!

Check this out. Looks complicated to use Harmony navigator but not really: