How to write device active/bypass state to automation?

This is easy to do for other device parameters except for the bypass/active state.

To create automation I need to use:[pattern].tracks[track]:create_automation(parameter_object)

Where ‘parameter_object’ is referencing[track].devices[device].parameters[parameter]

However the active/bypass parameter is not available in the parameters table, only the device controls are available there.

I know the DeviceParameter object for Active/Bypass exists somewhere as I can query it using:[].tracks[].automation[].dest_parameter

But I don’t know how to reference it before it is created so that I can create it using the :create_automation() method…

It’s quite confusing. Anyone got any ideas?

Any words from the devs on this?

Seems we forgot to publish this guy to the Lua API. Will fix that and add a:[].devices[].is_active_parameter

Thanks for responding Taktik, that’s good to know and I look forward to trying out the new beta in due course.