How To Write Good Code

yeah they should do one for hobbyist coders,

“are you done yet? - no, and I’ve lost motivation.”
“does it work yet? - almost… let’s ask on the forum for help!”

You forgot one:
“did you RTFM yet?” No, but i will let all other forum/mailinglist users code my program by letting them answering all my questions with example snippets

How to write good code for hobbyist coders that just haven’t the time to learn, enough reference code to hack something together or capability to figure it out yet like me.

00 RUN  
10 PRINT "Post Idea On Internet"  
20 IF MakesSense THEN goto 50 ELSE GOTO 30 or 40 or somewhereElse  
30 PRINT "Edit Post" IF MakesSense THEN goto 40 ELSE GOTO 20  
40 GOTO 10  
50 PRINT "Send Cola"   
60 END  


“Good code” means… “If it was hard to code, it should be hard to read too.” :rolleyes: