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I’m going to write a huge review of Renoise for a polish computer music related www service. I would like to present some screenshots of Renoise. Standard Windows Print Screen method doesn’t work. Anyone tried to do this with other, maybe Direct Draw mode compatible capturing software?

If you set renoise to windowed mode, and set the focus to another program (or the desktop or taskbar), printscreen works fine here (winXP).

ohhow, I think it´s about time for implement the famous F12-button-function to do some nice bitmap pics B)

or was it F10 F11? :blink:

Paint Shop Pro can capture full screen / active window / specified area, everything. Check

There are also dedicated programs (can’t recall the name tho) which do that very well.

…and implementing a “screenshot” function, isn’t that useless ? :slight_smile:

IMO not worth the developmenttime. It’s perfectly possible to use windows printscreen (like I described above) or another external program like suggested by others.

i have done plenty of those for the current documentation. if you still need those, drop me a mail.

i used wingrab, pretty nice screenshot tool. the problem with that one (and probably all the other tools ) is, that you cant pass a hotkey command to the screenshot-tool while renoise has focus (since we grab all user-input and dont windows even know about keys beeing pressed, except vital ones like alt+tab)

so, switch into windowed mode, focus the desktop and use a tool of your choice to screenshot the whole desktop. some cropping and you are done.

irfanview, a very good freeware viewer which also can do screen capturing.