How Well Does Renoise Work With These?

[b] - RGC z3ta

  • Ohm Force Frohmage & Quad Frohmage

  • Reaktor 4.whatever update it is now [/b]

Anyone have any experience using these with in Renoise?

Thanks :D

z3ta runs without a flaw.
currently using it in one of my pieces and it works like charm.
you can easily automize its parameters and furthermore renoise will remember all z3ta internal settings correctly after saving / reloading a song. i wished every synth out there would work so well together with rns. 100% recommended.

Quad frohmage? Well i didnt test mutli channel VSTI processing in renoise yet but somebody said it should be supported, but I don`t know how you set e.g. 4 different outputs for one track in rns.

yes z3ta is good and runs flawless, but I still prefer its little brother TriangleII which is also freeware.

No Reaktor 4 users here :(

Its good to hear about Quad Frohmage. Tho I guess 4 instances of Frohmage should do the trick.

Reaktor 3 works well in ReNoise, except for an annoying bug which often hides the control panel.

It runs very slow, thought, s don’t expect Reaktor 4 to run faster…

yeah, its very slow, so I tend to make my setups in standalone mode and then just load the macros in renoise. this stupid bug has a nifty little workaround, otherwise reaktor would be unusable.