How would I use this in Renoise (Reason Rack Plug-in)


Example one in the demo uses the Scales and Chords “player” to print the notes into Ableton. How could I use it to print the chords onto a Renoise channel? It’s a really powerful tool. I’m not great with MIDI routing in Renoise never really having had to use it. Thanks for any help in advance.

There might be different ways but this is how I do it:

First you need a virtual midi driver. I use LoopBe1, which is free.

To your instrument list put:
01 Reason player
02 Leave this empty
03 The synth that plays the notes

Then route midi like this:

01 Reason player - from the “plugin” tab, set midi routing: “channel 02”
02 Empty - from the “midi” tab, set midi output to your virtual midi driver
03 Your synth - from the “midi” tab, set midi input to your virtual midi driver

Then when you play the song, Reason midi player gives out notes like it would be your regular midi keyboard. So choose the preferred track and record.


  • This is overly complicated and I really wish that there would be an easier method that I’d know of.
  • There is a small lag.
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Thank you for taking the time, that’s very good of you. I’m just trying to decide whether or now to keep Reason or not. I keep going back to it for the modularity but I can’t seem to get used to the sequencer and workflow. I’m losing all faith with making music to be honest, I’m just crap at it.

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not what you want exactly as in recording straight to Renoises pattern editor, but why not simply route the midi out of the rack plugin to another instrument in Renoise? That way you can still harvest the power of the Reason rack player without much setting up;
In the above screenshot, whenever you trigger a note of the Reason Rack Plugin, Surge will play the chords.

To quote the wisdom of adventure time, sucking at something is the first step towards being halfway decent at something…

Music even more so

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I mean, if it’s good enough for Adventure Time, it’s good enough for me. Thanks as well Djeroek.

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Dont lose your faith man ,most of us make crappy tracks but when the good one comes along, and it will if you dont give up,then if there is such a thing called happiness you will feel it


No problem. Been struggling with the same thoughts. I mostly just use Reason players to control my other vst’s on the go and don’t record the notes unless absolutely needed. Can’t seem to get into Reason’s (or any other DAW’s) workflow so I’m just making my songs completely on Renoise.

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