Hows About a Renoise 2.9 for Everyone Who Prefers the Old Interface

I’ve been messing with this version 3, and it has some nice ideas, but the re-design basically messed up everything about Renoise that prompted me to buy a license in the first place.

Anyway, here’s the idea. How hard would it be to do a point version in between the new one and 2.8, say 2.9, where some of the useful things like per sample envelopes and automation, keyboard scaling, input quantize etc. are implemented inside the old interface?

It’s quite a selfish idea. But perhaps others feel the same way?

I was hoping that the new version would allow manipulation of individual samples and some kind of automation of their parameters, and i’m happy that it does, but the new UI isn’t what i want at all and i would prefer to stick with the old style one over this 3.0 look which has been so controversial.

For me, new gui is good and more smooth and practical than the old one. It took me about hour to get comfortable with it, new browser is great, instrument editor on the other screen also.

i dont see why we need to go back…

Forward for ever, backward NEVER!!!

i agree with the messed up interface. but i fear its not possible to get back the old interface/workflow, we have to accept that renoise seems go the way like nearly all good, legendary programs go: adding features above features unless its more and more unusable.
(nero burning rom, winamp… just to name two which immediatly falls in my mind).

for me renoise was (!) a tool which provides a very easy way to create music.
now its a giant tool to create splendid instruments out of samples with a totally lost of the create music focus, which renoise intenionally should have.

the both posters above: i simply dont believe you, that you now can make easier and faster music.

Having two branches like that would be a whole bunch of trouble to maintain for nothing.

So I have another think about new interface. New interface have many good new perfect instruments for comfortable work and dont miss old funktions. if you dont like new version, 2.8 working good.
Dont be a boring, its a bad holywar.

This is exactly the deal though! The problem with the new interface is that it purely cateres to big screens and dual monitor setups whereas the old version easily managed on even small laptop screens. If you have a small monitor you are no longer able to work on the track monitoring the spectrum and tweaking dsp parameters or automations while working with the instrument settings. It becomes ok when you get used to pressing alt+d every 10th second but it is still less wieldy than it used to be.
I don’t think making a 2.9 version will do anything good, but the interface definitely needs to consider smaller monitors. Especially since the gap between computers and handheld devices is merging and we’ll be seeing a lot more small screened machines that are functioning computers.

I guess we really need BOTH. Which is only achievable by making the whole GUI much more flexible. There is the whole range from tiny screens to multiple hi res widescreens. It just doesn’t make any sense anymore to develop with a certain average screen in mind. IMHO this is as outdated as websites "Best viewed with ".

Please note, I don’t say Renoise is still developed this old fashioned way. I think they take it in a good direction already.

I work on a small screen to …if this is the case for renoise 3.0 where dual monitors become standard …then I say FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCKER DE FUCK
This is not how it should be , even people that for whatever reason don’t have dual screens or bigg ass cinema displays , should be able to have an overview of the most important things , this is poor developing and gui layout decisions
I am losing faith here and haven’t even received the new beta …

did you just say the fuckin F word???

I have not tried the new interface on a tablet, or netbook, but I have definitely tried 2.7 - 2.8 on netbooks, and there is no way the old interface catered to small screens. I can not remember exactly, but there were a lot of problems with things that were totally off screen and could not be retrieved.

In other news… I have two small gripes with the new interface. The first one is global groove settings. In my mind, the master fader is the last thing in music production, and having groove setting post master is weird in my head. I don’t care if groove settings appear when you click on the master track, but I think it make way more sense like this…


My 2nd gripe, I already mentioned in another thread… but I am not thrilled by the flicky effect with the new and morphing instrument box. I think it is a great idea for the instrment box to be able to expand vertically, but I also think the box should be stationary… ie, when the browser is closed, Renoise should look like this…


The flicky effect is like, “woah distracting.”

I feel like people have been so overly negative for absolutely no reason, that I am uncomfortable making my two small remarks about the new interface.

In all reality Renoise 3 is not an extreme departure from what happened during all of version two. The interface is slightly different, but nothing that you can not figure out in less than 1 day. The interface is very modern now, and the browser works 1000% better. Also the instrument box needs to slide open vertically, the old way was hard on the eyes… It is very easy for some producers to have 50 instruments in a track.

@ 2 daz j …It doesn’t really matter if the master groove is pro or post fader …it is not an audio effect …it merely adust the playback speed in between lines=groove or shuffle or hatever you want to call it .

sad to hear about the screen estate …I am gettng depressed here , checcing my mail every 5 minutes for confirmation …( still wating for beta to receive )and I really really hope that all the negative thought I have about the new renoise will vanish when I load it up .
But something tells me it won’t

Just to squash any rumors or negative thoughts that seem to be accumulating here…

We definitely did not design Renoise 3.0 with multi monitor setups in mind as the default. We simply allow the instrument editor to be detached as a convenience, for those who do have some extra room for it. We will probably explore this stuff in more detail as time goes on, but we will always make sure that the app runs as it should on a single screen!

In the office, me and taktik are both using a single display which is 1920x1080 – pretty standard stuff that everyone has these days. Danoise has 2 screens in the office, because he’s fancy like that. At home, I’m using Renoise on a single 1920x1080 display also, and everything is feeling very comfortable in my opinion. Taktik is working with a 1280x768 laptop at home, so he’s obviously trying to keep things comfortable there as well.

We are still basing everything around a single monitor setup, and we are still trying (as much as possible) to respect our old minimum screen size. The current minimum screen size is 994 x 704. It may not be pretty, but it’s about as pretty as any previous version has looked when squashed down this small.

See for yourself:

what i will be missing from r3 on is that i was able to edit instrument stuff without ever covering the pattern with it

but i guess the new intstruments features are too many to dump them into the lower pane where everything has been until 2.8.2

looking at the screenshots ,that is indeed verry small…and luckily my monitor i 1240 at… something something .(not at my comp.for the moment )
But it also verry clear that there is a lot of wasted space , thecollapsed bars /menus( keyzones,mod,effects) could have fewer pixels in heigth…

I’m on a 5 year old 15" laptop … the new GUI isn’t an issue for me. Everything’s collapsible. I have it looking almost exactly like 2.8.

Seriously, just collapse the file browser.

After a few days toying with this beta I’m already used to most gui changes (only miss the scissor icon in the sample editor).

It is a little like the pattern command changes from the previous update, some of them I was used to since the protracker days (2XX, 1XX) and I felt having this changed was wrong… after maybe a week of inconvenience I was used to the changes.

What exactly do you mean with minimum here? It seems to run just fine on a 1024x600 resolution. I am confused…

I mean that 994x704 is the minimum size where we can fit the entire GUI on screen.

On netbooks and other similar displays that do not have quite enough vertical space, then either the upper or lower sections will be hidden/minimized by default. This is just a special case to make Renoise usable at all on such displays, and is not the typical scenario most people will encounter.

The new gui is awesome, i learn my friends now to make music.
The old gui was cumbersome to me, als i came from Logic and reason.

Above are a lot of cry baby’s who doesnt want to learn a new workflow. Get the f** off.