Howto Diskbrowser Default To Sample Instead Of Song?

Hi, how do I make Renoise default to showing Sample instead of Song in the DiskBrowser?

i have no idea if that is possible, but i’d like to do it as well. maybe through some xml edit or something, would be good enough for me?

Yeah, switched every Sample to Sample instead of Song, but no go…
Btw, it worked for every single global view preset, but not for the default screen layout.

That’s because all the fields in config.xml belong to the global view presets. Far as I can tell, the only persistent “view” data (not in view presets) are , , plus IsVisible fields for every pane in Advanced Edit (Mask pane, Cut Copy pane, etc.), and , with a handful of other fields for more specific stuff (e.g. whether the control panel is visible in pattern editor, what things are visible in the Mixer, and some others), but nothing like the , , , or fields available in the global view presets. As I’m sure you’ve realized (given how much you’ve posted about the bug in the forums), if the select_preset/broken UI bug gets fixed, then you could just load a preset with “Sample” every time you start, but for now that doesn’t really seem like an option.

Yeah, actually I’m much more interested in being able to call the views directly with a script, instead of by modifying global view parameters.
It’s just nicer that way :) (to use a script and define exactly what you want, instead of configuring global view screens on every install/reinstall - and I’m not quite sure it’s that sensible to try and have a script exit Renoise and write the required changes to config.xml (impossible anyway) )

Agreed. It’s less of a “workaround”.

wow. you guys certainly looked into this in more detail than i have. respect.

I’ve crossed my fingers and am hoping beyond hope that the Renoise API will soon get some updates as to Sample Recorder, Disk Browser and “more” states (Disk Browser, Master Spectrum, Track Scopes can all be in “More” mode if you just configure Global:View:Focus/Show Diskop/Scopes to be a shortcut :) ) )

Yep, you can save a Global View Preset which defaults to DiskBrowser->Sample, but that’s not exactly what “we’re” (I’m) after ;)

well, i’ll help you hoping, but please don’t hope for ‘soon’ too much because you might be disappointed. disappointment means you are wanting more than you are enjoying what’s already there, and i wouldn’t wish that for you. i hope you are content with the awesomeness we have as well.

The awesomeness is super-awesome. I just know that the next build of Renoise will have more API functions == more goodies to muck around with :)
I’d be content with Renoise even if there wasn’t a v2.8 on the horizon - but there is!
A lot of stuff changed when it turned out that a load of Renoise-specific functions could be tweaked/altered/“improved” with LUA scripting. What I’m trying to say is that I think Renoise development is in very good hands, and that whatever updates + improvements we get in the next version will be above and beyond the call of duty.

ah, glad to hear you are feeling that way. i completely agree with you, and obviously cannot wait for new API functions so you (not me, i don’t know how to do this stuff) and all of the others out there can build more add-on Renoise awesomeness.

Yeah, a lot is lost in translation when I say I can’t wait for new api functions it’s definitely not a “f u devteam give me new features, Renoise sucks” but more like “this is fucked up, I just know you are gonna add more features to this and I can’t wait to see them, they’ll be amazing!”. (BTW, it’s incredibly annoying to see when some zero poster dude swoops onto the forum and starts complaining about every single thing :) )

Anyway, I’d never have believed that the stuff in NativityScene was possible for someone who can’t code anything at all :) Obviously Id’have gotten nutting done without the skilful help provided by those who understand stuff about code (and the Renoise API ) :)