Howto get that sound - Help :)

Hi there,

I have been playing with Renoise for the last weeks, I think I have understood all the basic stuff (I used in the past Reason), and I’ve started some nice project songs

Now I want to create greater sounds

I was wondering how to get that bass sound in the beginning of

Some tips?

Thanks for your time

experiment with tri waves and filter cutoff envelopes

consider this as maybe layered, its maybe not a pure synth. also fire it into the sample editor, maybe you can see somthing interessting.

yeah sounds like 2 layers to me
bottom layer sounds like a low pass saw wave
top layer sounds is 1 octave above and has more harmonics. again a sounds like a filtered saw but with chorus/detuning with an maybe an amp sim for color.
there is small room reverb in there, maybe with some modulation on that too

For me it sounds like a simple saw wave and a 1 octave deeper square. and a low pas filter modulated by a filter envelope. And maybe a bit saturation.

…and don’t forget, there’s a sidechain compression on it triggered by the kick…

Thanks for the replies

I will try some effects… Uno Bass then? Or what bass should you use?

Do forget single followers for your “Ducking”. Gonna need that for your electro