Howto Open Multiple Renoise 2.6 Instances?

If I click on a .xrns file when renoise is already running :

In 2.5 : it opens in a new instance of Renoise (which should be the normal behaviour I guess).
In 2.6 : it asks me to save my work and launch it in the current instance.

Is it intentionnal ? (I find it kinda irritating to not being able to load 2 differents projects “easily”. e.g : for copy/pasting instruments from 1 project to another)

Win7 32bits there.

Hey Speeeh,

yes, this is intentional and new in Renoise 2.6:

If you double click on a XRNS, a Renoise song, an already running Renoise 2.6 is reused.
When starting the Renoise.exe directly or from the windows start button thing, a new instance is started, so you still can open more than one instance if you want…

Well I find it really anoying to be honest (and I can’t believe I’m the only one :D). Isn’t it possible to make something like ctrl+doubleclick on a xrns file to open it in a new instance, and doubleclick to open in the current instance? I usualy use the right click thing in win7 taskbar (see screenshot) to open things in new instance in many other programs and I really miss this now :(

That would be nice.


I quite don’t understand the change there, what’s the benefit ?

Also please can you tell me if it’s at least possible to make it an option ? I still had a hard time today trying to recover a sound from some xrns backup files, having to click the start menu, launch renoise, and then drag & drop the file into the right instance for each of them, when it takes like 2sec in 2.5 :(

Sorry to be insistent on this and thanks for the awesome work anyway :)

You know you can browse to the samples held within a project and load them without having to open the project first? A lot faster than either way you have mentioned!

Not that it helps with questioning why things have changed…

Why things have changed:

We do assume that most people want and expect that double-clicking a song in the explorer opens the song in an existing running Renoise. This way you can use the explorer outside of Renoise as “additional” explorer. Many sound-cards don’t even support running multiple Renoise instances at once. And using multiple instances actually only makes sense when copy and pasting stuff from on to another song.

Its still possible to open and use more Renoises. We only changed the default behavior.

Fair enough. I have to say that personally I would of expected double clicking on a xrns file to have always opened in the current instance of Renoise, if there was one, as it’s the way 99% of software I have previously used has worked. You always find somebody who will complain about any change though. Is it possible to add a right click context menu of Open In New Window/Instance or similar? Or is the difficulty getting it working on all platforms and wanting consistency?

Earlier I was confused about usage.
I haven’t had 2.6 pinned to the taskbar until just now, I just realized it works pretty much exactly how I would use it to open more instances.

There is a way to do this.

with a Renoise instance open,
right click to get the menu, then right click on the next selected song you want to open, this will bring another menu and click open, and it will open that song in a new instance.

Thanks for the answer taktik, I understand your point. I just thought it would have been nice to make it as an option in renoise preferences for those like me who where accustomed to the old behaviour, but nvm I think I can live without it :)