Hp Envy Remix Contest Vote!

Hello guys, im into remix contest by HEWLETT PACKARD ENVY. I remixed DZA "Stay Away" track, so for sure i wanna win (they gave hp envy beats laptop for 1st place), so if its ok for you guys, vote for me ) No need in registration ,just press “thumbs up” button, type in ur e-mail and activate your voice by following the link in ur mail )

Here is the link


Thank you for attention!


thanks Flight!

Truly said, i feel very not comfortable to write messages like this (and even post topics like i did), but i see in this unfair competition it`s the only way.


i`m into remix contest (i remixed the DZA “Stay Away” song, DZA is a russian hiphopglitch beatmaker) right now and want to win the first place. i never ever were into contests in my life, so this is the first one for me.

please vote for me


you can vote from all your e-mails everyday till 31st january, u`ll recieve a letter with your voice confirmation link, so just

follow the link in (no spam there, tested with my own 3 email accounts).

Also, if its possible for you to invite some of your friends for voting, it`ll be great.

please, this one is very important for me, any help appreciated!