Html Help Needed.


Im sure there are some wizards out there who can help me with this problem; i want to be able to make a layout table inside macromedia that reads from a text file, i know i can do this with frames and just remotely read the text file. But i want to avoid frames for now. Anyone?

You could use Server Side includes (if your provider uses Apache) or include the textfile through PHP.

Just use <?php include('textfile.txt') ?> With simple HTML, this is not possible

without serverside scripting capabilities its only possible using dirty tricks, like loading html source into a hidden iframe or similar techniques.

you might want to have a look on dynapi ( - search) which abstracts all that nasty dhtml stuff.

what about phpnuke? I’ve not skilled in the art of homepaging, tho i’ve created a couple of sites. Next step for me is to figure out phpnuke as the updating part of the site will go from tedious to fun. Anyone got any templates i can rip? :D

I do not like PHPNuke… Too much security flaws imho. Try Mambo-CMS instead. The documentations is quite good

After trying out Phpnuke( and tearing apart my head in frustration over the horrible pageload, i think im gonna have a look at Mambo-CMS.

Its really frustrating tho, phpnuke looks cool, tho perhaps a tad too much, cuz i really wanted it to work, but when each page has 2-5 seconds loadtime even through my local 100mbit lan and no one can help me resolve it, its time to move on.

Perhaps you know if there is any use in rebuilding the database index in a newly created one?

edit: took site down due to failure of importing a phpbb database to phpnuke, will try again tomorrow tho. Who knew you had to be smart to run a site :P

PHPbb Schema is not 100% compatible to phpnuke :)

well i finally managed, had to edit some variables but it works, only thing i couldnt import into nuke database was the private messages and thats no loss :P