Hug The Wall

Hey guys this is a song i am currently working on just want to show a preview to you everyone to see what you think so far there is going to be much more editing in it and it is hard to go by at the moment because it is really short and rushed and i am going to delete some stuff and add much more just want first opinions thats all, much appreciated thank you

Hug the wall

or just scrap most of it? lol the end is rushed going to start on it more after my exams :(

Not much there to give an opinion on. One thing: tired sounds. Ditch that drum loop; you could keep the pads, just softer. Solid tempo shuffling is good though, keep that.

do you mean the whole of the drums? the drums towards the end I have hardly programmed everything is a bit rushed towards the end as you can tell are the intro drums ok? and what sounds do you mean tiring? sorry I know there is nothing really to go by because it’s only 30 seconds long but I like criticism to try and to improve on and get better cheers for the help buddy :)

what kind of file is this , Can’t open it with foobar, vlc player, winamp etc…

should be just a normal mp3 file :s used wav to mp3 converter to convert it

does it work in windows media player?

I’ve been finding Mediafire spectacularly geigh with me recently. It’s started chopping off file names after a space. Have you ended up wit ha file just called Hug? If so hopefully renaming it as an .mp3 will work. (Please not I haven’t downloaded it myself yet, this is just a comment due to how Mediafire has started behaving.)

Even though this is a tad short to say the least, I’m going to try and return the favour and comment :)

I like the synth you’ve used for this, but I’m admittedly looking for something to latch onto in terms of consistency in melody.
Unfortunately, the same goes for the break you’ve used, I’m simply unable to follow it at this point! It seems to start at a lower pitch for a second or 2, then speed up - as for the rhythm - it’s timing is either beyond me, or completely out. The sound of it could be made to work better with a tiny bit of reverb and some EQing.

Commenting would be easier after hearing a bit more of it though, or perhaps after seeing the xrns I could make more sense of it!

Good luck with your exams anyway, be sure to bump this topic if you do manage to get more done :)

p.s. anyone who’s having trouble playing this should add the .mp3 extension to the file.

cheers for the comment back I have finished my exams now so lots of music making and editing to be done I really appreciate the comments and will take on everyword you said thanks for the help and when I have thought that the song is good enough I will post it up on here cheers