Huge Collaboration Project

Hey guys, I’m not sure if this has been done before but it is an idea i’d really like to get underway and i’d value your feedback / ideas and maybe some of you would be interested in joining in on this.

Here’s the first draft of my idea:

[i]"Imagine a band whose members consisted of anyone who wanted to be in it. Anyone with an idea to add to or better a piece of music in any way shape or form. Imagine if through sharing via the internet ANYONE with a computer could get involved ANYWHERE. This would give the potential for all the worlds best musicians / composers / producers to write music together no matter where they are.

I propose to do this. My initial idea is that it can all be done inside a program called Renoise. If you have not heard of it check it out on it’s free to use and is incredibly powerful. This project is already underway between me and small group of other producers who I am friends with. I want it to grow into something bigger. Think of it as the musical equivalent of open source software.

If you’ve produced music in the past you will know the feeling when you’re writing a track and you go blank, no idea what should come next, or what the bass line should sound like… The list goes on you understand. My theory is, if you hit this stage, just pass it on and let someone else put their ideas onto it and it may inspire you further or maybe you’ve run out of ideas completely and you feel other people should finish the track.

Even once the track is “finished” why not send it around some more? Let people remix and create new versions of the track. Imagine the amount of creativity which could be drawn from even just 5 people working on a track.

I think you get the idea.

Technically I have chosen Renoise as the best software to do this in for many reasons. Firstly it’s very light on computer requirements, runs on windows, mac and linux and is a very small file to download. It is free to use, you only have to buy the software to export your track to a .wav file. Still, it is only €50 to buy which, compared to most powerful music software, is incredibly cheap. It is a very powerful program too, the features are amazing. I won’t go too far into this as all the information is at and you can download it and use it for free and discover how great it is for yourself.

I have also decided Skype would be the best way to share files and talk with other producers who are working together as it is fast, reliable and free.

Going further than the music maybe this project could expand into artwork and video to accompany the music, again, made by anyone anywhere.

Get in touch with me if you are interested in working on this project or have any ideas for it, a name would be a good start!"[/i]

Please add your feedback and help me make this a success.

Jim :)

Take a look at the Renoise “Longtrack” project.
I like your openess to the idea, just pass it on when you are stuck :)

Hello, Jikay.

I like this idea very much. And so I’d like to get into the project. Myself, I have some tracks which I am not sure how to continue. Unfortunately, they are in xm filetypes as they were made in FT2 :)).

So did You start that? Do You have some unfinished tracks? Please, write me how can I join.

Thanks, Marek.

Hey Marek.

If you email me at we can talk about it more.

Jim :)