Huge Thanks Regarding The Signal Follower

Just thought I’d thank you guys for implementing the signal follower. You’ve seriously opened up a whole new world of sound design for me, and it may change the way I make music entirely. I’d been bitching and whining for this device for ages, and now that it’s finally here, I can do things I’d never even imagined. Kudos to the team for coming through on this, and all the other new features. This is why Renoise is always going to be my sound app of choice… the development team is outstanding.

Good to see a happy byte :D

I’m also really enjoying the signal follower. Was thrilled to see it and love the implementation.
Now if we can get multi instrument triggering too I’ll hardly ever touch an external sampler :)

Signal follower has replaced the LFO device for me. It’s a slightly more visceral approach for the wubwub.

im kind of slow,i havent even tried out the signal follower as much as i wanted

Yes it’s superb! 100% agree!

I’ll put in my two cents. … Thanks! :)

It is great for trying out different bass / arp rhythms at once just by changing one beatloop.

seconding what everyone else has said.
my mixes now listen and respond to themselves. it’s call-and-response on an entirely new level.

fun trick: sidechain a large reverb with the dry signal so that it “breathes”

can you elaborate please ?

generally i’ll have a separate reverb bus set up (“keep source” or whatever the option is), and on that bus i’ll have a signal follower, an mpreverb2 with a very long decay, the lows cut by maybe -20db, all wet signal (no dry), and then a gainer. set the signal follower min to 0db and max to -INF db on the gainer->gain and play with the envelope. voila, you have a reverb that “ducks” when the dry signal is loud. very fun for beepy melodies.

I’ve been doing this since I got my hands on the SF… This has almost solved my reverb hatred.

The signal follower has me finishing tracks I haven’t touched in years! :) +1 for THNX!

oh yeah and much love to taktik / renoise team ! the updates are definitely leap forward

what’s so great with new version is that I have almost never used either Signal Follower or Pattern Matrix in production scenarios, but I could never go back to 2.1 now :)

I’ve just been playing with this. It’s an awesome effect, really brings some average sounds to life and makes some good sounds great. Thanks for the idea :)