Human Beatbox Or Human Record Player?

Some guys can do more than just beatboxing…

Killa Kela is the best.


Kid’s alright, but got little on original Kenny.

Kenny Muhammad opened for squarepusher a few years back, and it was pretty awesome. Mr Jenkinson insisted he continue, 'cause the audience demanded more.

He did some awesome nerdery as well, where he’d beatbox only specific drum machines. Like “here’s a beat with a CR-78”, a 606 and so on. Those in the audience who got it, were floored. :)

Hobbit definitely has some potential, but from what I’ve seen so far he’s still a bit rough around the edges. Some of his routine in that video was a bit sloppy in my opinion, but I have seen other videos he’s done which were better.

A guy I just stumbled across recently who is good is Roxorloops from Belgium:

In the first video, around 1 minute in, he does some really nice sounding high hats and cymbals, probably the most convincing I’ve heard so far, really nice technique.

hehe nice techno and house beats. He does very good toms in the second video.

Yeah, i found out about Muhammad because Hobbit mentioned his name in the variation.
Still i liked the scratch sequence and the echo variation.
But i will check out a bit more some day.

Hehe, all good, and if ya wanna learn how to do Rahzel’s ‘If you mother…’

Watching the first video, and WOW! Amazing!

I didn’t know humans could sound like that!

Jesus, that Kenny Muhammed guy is f***ing amazing. :blink:

I sometimes try and do the odd bit of beatboxin.
Usually do it while washing the dishes in the kitchen if nobody else is around. :D

It’s very crap, but here are some little loops anyway:

I was gonna make a flash game with ‘mouth only’ sound effects, but never finished the thing.
Heres the machine gun noises.

The thing about beatboxing is that it’s all about the microphone and PA, I imagine even the best beatboxers in the world sound a bit limp if you hear it ‘straight from the mouth’. When they’re blasting out of a huge soundsystem though, it gives their sound immense ‘power’.

Listen to the sound at 01:39

What’d he call that sound?

I want that drum


Like I said… he has some of the best sounding high-hats I’ve heard from a beatboxer. :)

Sweet… guys that don’t need turntables to create the most extraordinary sounds…
Doing the two voices at the same time seems pretty hard to me…