Hi all,

here’s the second track to the new project “Humanity”.

Hope, you’ll enjoy listening!



[media]http url here[/media]

Sounds great, like it. It seems the bass drum sound doesn’t fit well.

All samples?

Aaah, thanks! Track embedded again :wink:

No samples at all, everything is done with VSTs.

(Maybe I should have used a fine-tuned timpani sound.)



Very enjoyable sound. Well layered parts. Some of it sounds dull, muted, as if you got a bit too aggressive with a low pass filter, but that may be the intended outcome. I don’t mind the apparent detuning of the drums - it is a contrast point which works well with the rest of the song.

I like that piano sound, nice work! If I may ask, which VST did you use for the piano? I don’t have any good ones at present.

@maruchan - thanks!

When it comes to piano stuff I use “Magix Independence Free”. It is a VST (you knew already).

If you want it yourself be prepared for two downloads with an overall size of ~2,5 GB.

Lots of other instruments - btw very good ones - are included.