You wander the night and think…

Enjoy listening!



The topic and title of the piece, as so many times, offers interesting guidance to interpreting it.

It reminds me of urban music, urban environments, with the gentle but persistent driving rhythm underneath being like the rumble of a train’s engine and motion over the tracks, or a bus.

If I have a criticism, it’s a lack of musical tension (although there is some), but even that fits with the idea of introspection as long as you’re in a fairly good mood.

A polished piece of work which cries out for companion pieces - or a movie scene to lend it context.

@Jan: Thanks! bow

I hope, I can keep it somewhat enjoyable !




Ce n’est rien!

I look forward to more from you. Is it part of a song cycle? An EP?

Hi Jan,

yes, the project’s name is “Humanity” ( surprise :wink: ) and it will be at least

an EP. I never can say in advance for how long drive and necessities will

last to keep composing into any project, but usually I try to let it be 5+

songs. Chance exists to make it an LP - but I have to deal thrifty with

promises… :unsure:



Your promises have been meticulously recorded for posterity. The Guardians of Order gaze upon your work from on high.