Humanizing Vol/pan/delay Columns Separately

(ashy!mpala) #21

Thanks for noticing but completely offtopic.

(Gilli) #22

I think it’s more a problem of the feature-vs-naming philosophy here. The context-submenu “Column” makes you think that it’ll affect single columns, not vol/pan/delay together. But the ability to manipulate them seperately makes more sense. This, in my opinion, is what a user should be able to expect when he opens the context menu. Renaming “column” to “columns” wouldn’t do the user any favour while the term would probably fit better its feature.

I think bringing access to AE presets into the context menu still doesn’t make Renoise more intuitive for any newbie who’d just want to humanize certain values. I suppose they’re used from other DAWs to simply mark, rightclick and humanize the values of their desire. It’s hard to teach them “you need to make presets in AE first, then trigger them in the context menu.”

However I understand that it’s a rather complex issue to be reworked so quickly.

(ashy!mpala) #23

Second that.

(Pysj) #24

Well… the presets could be factory made and be in the manual.

But anyways. I’m just suggesting things here. As you do.
Newbie or not, what will happen if we get more columns?
It’s not unlikely we can get more columns in the future (like dedicated columns). Should we then fill up the context menu with an option for each one? These are the things we need to take into account also.

Why can’t the newbie instead just continue using a ‘humanize selection’ then?
Yes I know the selection is currently limited. But then we should perhaps start looking at that problem first?
Another content mask in AE could be ‘cursor’, meaning you will modify 'track/column/value etc under cursor). So by moving the cursor to a column you can for instance humanize any type of column using the same hotkey.

(pyc) #25

It is really a waste of time IMHO when there is a ‘column humanize’ feature in the floating menu and you have to modify the content mask each time. Honestly I can’t understand the philosophy of all the three vol/pan/delay columns getting humanized together!

So far, the only thing that bothers me too in Renoise.