Humble Bundle

Some of you might already know about the concept; a handfull of indie games are being sold for however much you want to pay.
I always keep an eye out for some gems to pass by but this months bundle tops them all!

Check it out if you like indie games:

i bought it because of Super Meat Boy and Cave Story but the other games are nice too (which isn’t always the case). to get the most out of it you can add all the games to your Steam profile if you have one.

also, there are Linux versions available!

Thanks for sharing! That’s a ridiculously good bundle! :w00t: Definitely going to buy it. Might I add that Bit Trip Runner can help bolster one’s sense of rhythm so would be a good choice to play on breaks from tracking :).

These are all very good games, but all of them require quite a bit of skill to play, and I don’t have that skill nor the time to acquire it, so I guess I have to pass on this one.

Suva, that’s what makes this bundle such a great bundle! The games are actually challenging, unlike most dumbed down games these days. Not having the skill and then acquiring it is the most satisfying part of gaming. Just play in time-limited play sessions and enjoy the games! They will last a great deal longer than most games on the market. No one said (and no one should) that one must complete a game as soon as possible to justify time spent gaming. :lol:

to top it all off, they also threw in the soundtracks to all of the games. \o/

And now you get the entire third humble bundle for free too :w00t: