Humble Question About Insturments & Patterns...

Hello Renoise community. I’m sitting on the demo here, my midi synth plugged in and ready… Checking out the program, looking nice. However, I ran into a problem right away. Read the tutorial, but nothing helped me there. I’m sort of a novice to these types of programs, I might as well add.

So what is my problem?

Well, I open a new project. I open sample called “kick08.flac” (load instrument).

I press the E button on my synth and record that to “00” and “08” on track 1.

Then I add “snare01” to track 2, on let’s say “04” on track 1. Also tried 2. I loaded instrument just like above.

Now, it seems all the recorded entries in both track 1 and 2 are “snare01”. The kick08 seemed to have been turned into “snare01”.

Why is that? What do I have to do to make a full beat with different samples/instruments?

I’m sorry if I’m just way off here. Again, beginner here.

Thanks a lot for any help provided.

Seems to me you’re over complicating things in your description. (To the point where I don’t understand what you are talking about?).

I think you just forgot to choose a new slot when loading a sample.

Here’s my suggestion:

Start by loading one of the demo songs, press play, and look at the screen. Next, starting clicking on stuff, mess around with a demo song. Then, if anything makes sense, you’re on the right track. :)

Good luck.

Thanks, I’ll do that. I’m usually quite good at over complicating… Sigh.

I’ll figure it out.

The problem is that you think tracks are connected with instruments. They are NOT. Instrument list is totally separate, you can load samples into different instrument slots. And put any instrument on any track you want.

To load two different instruments, select different instrument slot (top right corner) and then then load instrument.

I got it now, thanks. I realized I hadn’t actually loaded any instruments. Thanks a ton Suva!

Regarding internal instruments, this is always so.
Regarding VST plugin instruments -> you can force to connect an instrument to a track but you manually have to do this as this is not being done by default.

1 - check the box on the right side, underneath the “Assigned to track:” line

2 - click the drop-list that appears

3 - and select to which track your instrument should be locked