Hunz - Iam Way One Son (dilvie Vortex Mix)

Oldskool club remix of the classic Hunz track.

Your feedback is cordially requested.

Hunz - IWOS (Dilvie Vortex Mix)

  • Eric

You picked a DAMN fine track to remix, Hunz is amazing!!! :walkman:

Replay 2nd time. Still like it. Will come back for more constructive arguments. :P

Thanks. This was my 2nd renoise track. I just registered my copy yesterday, I think. =)

My first renoise track is a downtempo number that I’ll try to post soon.

  • Eric


Um, seen your nick somewhere before… Can’t remember where, though! Gimme a clue? :rolleyes:

This is good stuff. I like them dark chicago house.