Hurdy-gurdy Samples & Sounds

I love this instrument from the middle age and unfortunately I have sold my own some years ago … to late to sample sounds by myself :(

I know there are some sample-shops with a small number of loops and sound … but maybe anybody knows more / other sources!?

I don’t know of any sample sources for this instrument: I just want to add that its name is “ghironda”, and it is a very interesting and strange instrument. Too bad that you sold it!

Quantum Leap RA has a larger selection of Hurdy-gurdy.

nice price though :P

in German it’s named “Drehleier”

yes, really cheap ;)

I know another older “world”-sounds collection. there are some Irish Hurdy-Gurdy sounds included but the Hurdy-Gurdy is an instrument with a huge number of percussive sounds and different tuning possibilities and so on … so much would be possible but the instrument is so less popular … it’s a pity

seems like that I must save some money, to buy a Hurdy-Grudy again … but a basic handmade Hurdy Gurdy (and there are only handmade ones) is as expensive as the Quantum Leap RA (ok a little more expensive ca. 1000 euro) ;)