Dear Renoise Forum,

I write to you because I have made a new song. This is the first drum & bass track I have made since about 1999, so I thought it would be interesting to have a go at said genre. I think it went well, but it is YOUR opinion that I am interested in. Does it sound like current dnb? Is it too generic? What does the mix sound like? Who’s your daddy?

It is called Hurricano, which is a word from King Lear. I changed the spelling so it would not evoke stressful native american river boats.



EDIT: this track has been deleted from Soundcloud - go instead to:

for the updated version.

good one after such a long time ;)

3 things:

  1. imo, the bass is too loud comparing to the rest
  2. the lfo on the bass that starts at 1.43 sounds like it starts to late
  3. the drums are to thin. maybe because the bass is too loud.
    today drum programing is a little bit different as it was in 1999 :) sounds like you used loops only !?
    most people are layering there drums these days and just uses loops or loop snipets in the background to get the whole thing rolling.

but all in all i enjoyed your tune !
hope to hear some more drum&bass from you.


Thanks for proper constructive criticism!

  1. Yes - I agree with this. I hear it now, although I didn’t before.
  2. This is strange. It does not start to late, really, but for some reason it appears to. What it sounds like is more important than what it looks like in the automation screen, so I’ll move it forwards.
  3. The drums are kick and snare in one channel, bits of a loop in one channel, bits of another loop in one channel, hihats, and, a amen (without kicks) every now and then. I think I need to emphasises the kick and snare more, and let the other drums be more background-y. Problem is I actually prefer the sound of loops (going chicken-tikka) to that boring Pendulum, bm tchk, bmtchk. Ah, well.

Thanks again!

you`re welcome :)

well, there is nothing wrong when you use loops. maybe send them all together to one send channel and compress the whole signal. or try to layer an extra bass- and snaredrum to get more power. a very little distortion on bass and snaredrum helps sometime, too.

Alright! Hurricano mark II is up. I’ve fixed the timing on the bass wobble, made the bass slightly quiter and the drums a lot louder and harder. I hope I did not overdo it! Listen here:

Cheers again, kasmo.

Lovely tune! I cannot advocate the mix though because I’m listening with shitty speakers at the moment. But I like the production side a lot.

Updated the first post.