Hw Crashed (Overheated?) When Using A Cpu Heavy Vsti In 2.6B1

Ok, I have no idea if this is related to Renoise 2.6b1 or just if it’s my comp in general. I’m using a small Sony Vaio (can’t remember the exact model but it’s the small ones :) so it doesn’t have much CPU power to speak of. My track consisted of an mp3 with autoseek on in one channel and me hammering away using a VSTi that made my CPU useage go up to 70%, so it was featuring clipping noises and nastiness that was only showing at >50% CPU levels. Anyway, my comp started making really nasty sounds after a while, so I tried playing an mp3 in windows media player and it was just really broken. Restarting my machine was a total failure and a reformat was needed to get it all back.

I just thought I’d throw this one out there, I’ve used 2.5 with heavy VSTi’s before and usually Renoise just stops and says ‘wtf are you up to?’ and stops. I can’t remember if the level where 2.5 usually stops and complains was hit in 2.6b1 though. I’m naturally a bit scared of trying the same with b2 but we’ll see haha. :D

Needed a reformat anyway lol

Great to see another update anyway,


why dont you update to beta 2?

always use the latest version

Hey Sylo,

sorry, but I don’t think that’s something Renoise caused directly. At least I really see no way of doing so?

Bantais guess, that your computer overheated seems to make sense here.

Yeah I think you guys are right… thanks for pointing that out, I need to be more careful in the future. And I wasn’t using b2 cause I don’t check in every day :D But it probably would’ve happened on b2 anyway.


I have /had exactly the same problem .
It started 2 years ago ( intel centrino 1.8 ghz =comparable to a 2.8 ghz cpu ) after a couple hours of use the cpu ran at half speed ( speedstepping was turned off ) due to a lot of dust inside the computer , cleaned out the dust with a vacuumcleaner and it behaved as new again , that was 2 years ago .
Now anno 2010 I have the same problem after 15 minutes of use the cpu speed halves , but this time the power supply gets so hot the whole laptop freezes …cleaned out all the dust to no avail …it’s a common problem with a lot of vaios ,