Hybrid 3 VST - External editor window black in 3.2

In Renoise 3.2 the external editor of Air Music Hybrid 3 is just black. The VST instances still work and I can change parameters using the Instr. Automation device.
All my other VSTs seem to work fine and if I open the exact same project file in Renoise 3.1 the plugin window is rendering correctly.

Since my other VSTs still work it has probably something to do with Hybrid. But then again it worked fine in 3.1 and other DAWs so I’m not sure what’s going on.

Any idea what could be the problem? Scaling is set to 100% in both Renoise and Windows.

Renoise 3.1:

Renoise 3.2:

Have tou tried this method : ( credits to Raul )

  1. Press the [?] button of the plugin in Plugin tab.
  2. Disable the Auto-scale external editor on HiDPI screens.
  3. Restart this plugin.

Repeat these steps to all plugins with visual problems.


Very nice - that worked.


Hybrid 3 is showing up for me.

It was showing up correctly when I created new instances but when I opened project files in Renoise 3.2 that used Hybrid the external editor was black.

Did you save the setting along with the song you opened? Maybe it is a setting per song?

After changing that setting I did not save the song but Hybrid started displaying again in other projects as well.
It must be some global per-plugin setting that Renoise stores outside of project files.

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